Concurrent Python

please remove the gil

I have recently watched Larry Hastings talk about Removing Python’s GIL: The Gilectomy that has been recorded at PyCon 2016. Larry very graphically outlines the problems from not having proper concurrency features. He also tells a nice story on how the Python community is struggling with this situation for the... [Read More]
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QA and DevOps

...are related

DevOps is about operations, right? And about applying tools and processes from the Dev space to operations. But QA? Really? What I personally experience driving DevOps transitions is that continuous integration and operations need to work together. People need to realize that these are two sides of the same coin.... [Read More]

Develop on cadence!

reflections on agile software development

I work as a freelancer in technical testing, so software quality is something very dear to me. Agile software development tremendously helps with that. But discussions of Agile software development often drift towards development methodologies like Scrum vs. Kanban. I think this discussion is healthy but sometimes misses the point... [Read More]