In 2012 I worked for Kuehne & Nagel in Hamburg. They do agile software development and follow “Clean Code”. They invited me to take part on a company sponsored code retreat in April. So I stayed the weekend in Hamburg to hone my programming skills and to spend more time with my new coworkers. Thank you so much for this great opportunity!

Here some background info on the code retreat format.

I never took a deeper look into Conways Game of Life before, so I was astonished about how much complexity can emerge from such a small set of simple rules (think fractals).

At the Code Retreat we did TDD and pair programming with focus on different aspects such as small modules. Something I wanted to get going was to do TDD Javascript development. We used JsTestDriver for that and figured out how to do it.

On rule of a code retreat was to start each 45 min round from scratch with a new partner. So we could not finish the exercise. So the next day I completed the exercise with a running version.

You can find my GoL Javascript code on github

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